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SERVPRO of The Twin Ports Duluth, MN can take care of your home with the same level of careful concern that we put into constructing each one of our projects. From the ground to roof top we can inspect, maintain, restore and repair or update to the look you are hoping for.



SERVPRO of the Twin Ports is here for all of your construction needs! If you are looking for a new build or a remodel we can help! 



SERVPRO of The Twin Ports Duluth, MN we put our client’s needs first to deliver a project on-time at a fair price. We do construction and remodeling. We can take your renovation experience to the next level by offering you the collective expertise of all that SERVPRO has to offer!

We have skilled trained professional Carpenters with a State Approved Apprenticeship training

Ice Dam Removal Service

Removing Ice Dams is Essential to protect your home or business

Soft steam dissolves hard ice on the roof, removal of such ice dams is essential, or water will eventually make its way down to your ceilings, insulation, and walls necessitating removal of these materials.  

SERVPRO of the Twin Ports is now  prepared to handle ice dam removal, structural drying, and repairs to make it like the ice dams "Never Even Happened!" 

Send us your photos today.  We'll give you a free phone consultation and offer you some options.

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Twin Falls Showroom and a Storm

When the roof started leaking after a severe wind and rain storm, it was crucial to cover and protect the floor displays from damage quickly. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster! That is why SERVPRO can protect the business in Twin Falls from on-going damage and loss of inventory. Count on us.

Fire Damage – Superior Home

Fire damage began in this Superior home’s kitchen as a grease fire on the stove. The photo shows what a mess the fire created. The cabinetry and stove were severely damaged along with the drywall near them. The burnt items would need to be demolished and removed properly, and the odors in the kitchen would need to be isolated using poly sheeting to treat the air and the smell.

Mold Damage Emergency In West Duluth

Discovering a mold infestation growing on your property is no way to start the day. Our mold remediation specialists are IICRC certified, available 24/7, and Faster to Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO of The Twin Ports has the experience, training, and equipment to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

Duluth Water Loss

This lower level den had a leak from a burst water line that soaked the floor and the concrete pad. SERVPRO speedily can extract the standing water and then focus on the all-important drying and dehumidification steps of the service. Pictured are air movers and LGR equipment, we have it all, and we use it all. Just for you!

Storm Damage In West Duluth

SERVPRO of The Twin Ports knows when a storm strikes immediate action is required. Our staff is ready 24/7, locally owned and operated, and Faster to Any Size Disaster. We have the equipment, experience, and training to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Mold Spotting and Remediation in Superior

Dampness and lack of circulation can lead to mold colonies on Superior walls. This is a good reason to call SERVPRO for mold remediation; do not allow the mold spotting to spread and cause more damage and costs for recovery.

Superior Charred Garage and Workshop

Fires from sparks igniting flammable liquids, not properly contained and stored, often lead to the results seen in this Photo. SERVPRO team members can quickly show up to mitigate the damage, especially the odors, from penetrating into the main part of this Superior home. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Water Damage In Duluth

SERVPRO of The Twin Ports is your only option when it comes to water damage repair and restoration. Our crew of highly trained and certified experts is ready to respond 24/7 to your water damage emergency. We have the water damage experience and advanced equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Commercial Mold Damage – Duluth

Commercial mold damage at this Duluth fabricating plant was discovered by the workers and reported to the plant manager. The plant manager couldn’t stop production because of the mold, so he needed a professional mold remediation company to come in and clean up the mold quickly. SERVPRO of the Twin Ports could construct a containment area to isolate the mold damage and then clean up the mold and spray on an antifungal agent. The containment area would prevent any mold spores from traveling throughout the plant while we were cleaning up the mold.

Storm Damage in Duluth

The industry certified technicians of SERVPRO of the Twin Ports are your best solution if you encounter storm damage in Duluth. You can count on expert cleanup and restoration from our crews. We provide 24/7 emergency service and will arrive at your residential or commercial property quickly to begin the restoration process.

Superior Bathroom and a Mold Problem

Moisture not suitably vented from a Superior home's bathroom can often result in dormant mold spores springing into action. With the wallpaper paste and wallboard cardboard backing providing an excellent food source the mold damage is widespread. SERVPRO technicians can remove the ruined wall portions and apply an antifungal agent to remedy the mold infestation.

Fire Damage – Duluth Home

Fire damage at this Duluth home was caused by a space heater. The damage was significant. Along with the fire damage, there was water damage from the firefighting effort and the noxious odors left behind by fires. SERVPRO of the Twin Ports can restore or replace the damaged materials and clean up the water. We also have proven methods to deal with the odor left behind.

Water Damaged Kitchen in Superior

Dishwashers are often the culprit for causing water damage in Superior area kitchens. SERVPRO, when called for help, can pull out the appliance and vacuum up the pooling water. Our drying with air movers and dehumidifiers restore a standard moisture content to the affected materials.

Carpet Cleaning

Trying to clean a heavily soiled carpet with the rug doctor is virtually impossible. Here's an example of what our amazing Vortex system can do. Even Heavy Soiling on an apartment Berber was removed by 250° teams and our unique rotary jet process.  Your carpets can look like new again with an expert touch from SERVPRO.

Tile & Grout Restoration in Duluth

This picture shows the contrast between dirty tile & grout and our incredible restorative cleaning process. Steam cleaning tile, using our specially formulated cleaning products, gives fantastic results. Why settle for a dingy looking tile floor when you can call in SERVPRO to your Duluth home to make you smile.

Our VORTEX Carpet Cleaning System Cleans Up West Duluth

Our SERVPRO crews are trained and equipped with the VORTEX Carpet Cleaning System. Our customers in West Duluth are amazed by the results to their dirty-looking carpets. We combine our special cleaning products with super hot water and massive suctioning power to extract layers of soil from the naps, even Berber carpets. Pictured is Ryan, one of our cleaning specialists who has many years "behind the wand."